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The National Flag Of Texas!

Soviet KGB Brigade Republic Of Texas.Edit

The Soviet KGB Brigade Republic Of Texas, in the United States of Hellven is a Communist Controlled State of The Soviet Controlled U.S.H . Their Armies Have Troops In Hondo & Only 7 Billion Troops Are Stationed There. The Capital City is Hondo & Has a Population The Size Of New York. & This City Has 2 Embassies & 2 Government Buildings. This City Of Hondo, Texas Has All Tourist Attratcions & Events In This Place. Hondo Is The Home Of The Soviet Air-Force Brigade, and All Soviet Related Stuff.


Hondo, Texas Was Founded On November, 7, 1917 By Vladimir Boynin & Housed Many Russian, Roflican & Mexicans In This City. The Russians Were The Ones Fleeing The 1917 - 1922 Civil War & The City Was Developed By 1934! This City Has 5 Shopping Malls, 3 Hotels, 7 Museums & 2 Airports. It Includes 4 Schools & Some Workplaces. But Hondo Is Home To 7 Military Bases & Air Force Bases By 2004! Hondo Did Send Troops In World War 2 & 3! The City Has 54, 556 People & Troops In Hondo Today. Vladimir NON-LOL-Sense Became Government Leader Of Hondo & Introduced Communism & Military Dictatorship. Today, Hondo Is A Very Awesome Tourist Attraction & Is Named "God's Country"!


Population: 54, 556 (Including 7 Billoin Troops From The Soviet LULZ Brigade, Soviet Viet-LULZ Brigade & Communist Linux Penguin Army).

Ruler: Scottyvich Baloneykov

Government Leader: Scottyvich Baloneykov

Founded: November 7, 1917

Nickname: Gods Country

Allies: Communism & Military Dictatorship.

Enemies: Unknown.

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